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1 Complete 43-Day HCG Kit

1 Complete 43-Day HCG Kit
Weight Loss Goal: Lose Up To 40 Pounds!
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Product Contents

This HCG kit is perfect for a 43-day HCG injection plan.  This HCG kit contains:

  • 1 vial of Quality HCG (10,000 International Units) enough for a 43-day hcg injection plan
  • 1 bottle of bacteriostatic water or sterile water for mixing the hcg
  • 1 mixing vial
  • 1 10ml mixing syringe
  • 40 hcg diet injection syringes with needles (on a 43-day protocol, there are only 40 hcg injections required)
  • 40 alcohol swabs

More About HCG Injections

Injections of HCG (or Human chorionic gonadotropin) are often used to help severely obese people lose weight.  HCG is a naturally-produced hormone in your body and women especially produce it while they are pregnant.  The first usage of HCG as a weightloss agent was in India when a British doctor, A. Simeons, was experimenting with pregnant women and obese children.  He discovered that low-dosage HCG injections, coupled with a very low-calorie diet could result in rapid fat-loss without losing muscle tissue.

For more information about HCG, please refer to our HCG FAQs section.  Various valuable links on HCG are provided on the left menu on this Web site.

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